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Dave  Wilkersons prophecy about the churches and bars being closed etc. because of a plague/virus is coming to pass right before our eyes with the Covid 19/Corona Virus Pandemic.  His other last days prophecy about Fires and Riots worldwide is about to come to pass shortly.  The  6th Seal of Revelation in conjunction with the Rapture event and the first day of Gods concentrated wrath is almost on us. Look for increased heavenly signs, UFOs, earthquakes , increased meteoric/asteroid activity, and extreme weather of every type to increase with intensity and numbers right up to the First Day Great Day of the Lord. 

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Wow, it’s incredible how the Birth-pangs are now on the extreme uptick like we’ve never seen before. More intensity and more raw numbers of “contractions”.

Link below shows earthquakes are literally off the hook worldwide. We’ve Never seen this many in such a short period of time. Thousands all over the world.


Yes, something big is coming along with Jesus! The massive world wide 6th seal earthquake. The star fragments/ asteroids/meteors causing thousands of fires and destruction worldwide. The sky rolled back as a scroll so everyone will see him clearly! It’s all getting set up.

And what are people saying right now because of Covid 19/ Corona Virus?....Stay safe!

“1 Thess 5:3 “For When they shall say peace and safety, then comes sudden destruction, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

But who will escape? We will! God is so good, he always provides a way of escape for all those who are looking for his appearing!

Get your “ark ready”. Our escape and blessed hope is sooner than ever!

The doves will fly soon!

In his service, Craig A. Opal

P.S. Plus more “bible scholars” are finally seeing the evidence of the 4 horsemen riding like we have known for years. Better late than never. Of course I also believe the 5th seal has long been open as well.